Hi, my name is Jill Marcy from Melbourne Australia.  Since 2004 I have been interested in the study of consciousness and how it can it can be harnessed to get the most out of our lives. I started studying areas of thought and how it is patterned in the brain and body, and then studied energy and how it interplays with our mind and body.

I have enjoyed becoming both a mystic and a scientific researcher in consciousness. When I bring the rigor of science to the questions of consciousness, each illuminates the other. I am a subconscious counselor who works with you to help you see how you are using your local patterned mind and helping you to discover how your thoughts are leading to the things in your life. I will teach you how to use your mind deliberately, as a creative tool, to think new nurturing thoughts. You'll understand how you can nudge material reality effortlessly toward your desires. You'll grasp just how powerful you really are and how capable you are of creating change by simply changing your mind. 

I will guide you to know how to create your thoughts that will lead to you obtaining a greater degree of self-regulation, making you the master of your emotions rather than a slave to them. To have better working memory and allowing you to remain focused on the activities of your choice to obtain your desires. I'm here to teach you how the consciousness of your mind is becoming the cells of the matter of the brain. 

So let me help guide you to effectively using your consciousness in a direction that gifts you a joyous life. See photo's below of my Winchester studio.

Tel: 720-938-0829   Email: jillmarcy@marcyoflight.com

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