the value of energy healing therapy

Healing is a return to oneness with the spiritual self, the Earth, and all that lives. That oneness is naturally reached through a meditation consciousness state.  Meditation state allows you to transcend the states of space and time, mass and energy and be at a level of unified field consciousness (where life is created and matter can be transformed). Which is also referred to as oneness, Grand Order Design or The Void. Within this level of consciousness healing is achieved.  The void is the nonphysical place of creation, the template from which matter is made, the pure consciousness of BE-ING.  The non-void is the created world or physical body, the endless potential of the physical, emotional, and mental states.  

All reality, including the dense human body, is created through the non-void from the void. The void level is reached by disconnecting the distractions of the senses and going into the place or source of transformation, consciousness, creation, and life.  It is a place of silence, emptiness, nothingness, and completion, beyond which is total love, joy and liberation. 

To reach the void, one must let go of ego(separation) and enter oneness, the trans-formative meditative state,the unified field.  This energy field is a state of bliss or completion.   This creative life force field is the inner nature of everyone and all that lives. All life begins from the void, omnipresent, silent, pure energy and its energy is glorious, mysterious, peaceful, and loving.  You yourself must awake to it, fathoming its depths and how it imprints on you individually.  In seeking the void, one finds in oneself the source of all creation, love and healing. 

The potential for transformation is not in the atoms and molecules of our bodies but in the arrangement and rearrangement of their intervening spaces.  The body cells contain much more of this intervening space than they do of solid matter.  They are surrounded by electrical fields, and the entire human body is surrounded by layers of electrical fields (the layers of the aura, as well as the fields surrounding cells and organs).  Solid matter is sparse and the space is vast; these spaces between atoms, physical/electrical emptiness, is also the void. The electricity in the non-matter spaces is the non-void, the potential from which transformation and healing emerge. 

All healing begins from the void state.  At this spiritual level of electrical space between atoms and cells, stress is left behind as well as its negative effects.  The Earth-plane (but not the astral senses), the ego, and the body are left behind and so is dis-ease. In the perfection of the void only wellness can exist, the perfect template of wholeness and primal grand order design creation.  By accessing this state, the progression of dis-ease is reversed and perfection is brought back through the non-void.  From this change comes healing. By the actions of mind on the void utilizing visualization in the meditative state, transformation and healing occur.  The changes move through levels, from the spiritual through mental and emotional bodies to dense physical.  With the physical changes comes the release of stress, calm emotions, and a peaceful, often blissful state of mind and body. 

Energy healing is a process of growth, and the process itself is more important than any goal or result.  To be optimally effective, it must become a way of life, something done regularly.  Transcending the senses, the ego, and the physical Earth-plane level clears and brightens the energy of the nonphysical bodies (the electrical field between atoms), and is a healing in itself.  Stress and its negative effects are greatly reduced and dis-ease is lessened or prevented in the physical body.  You experience growing peace in your life, and a calm ability to cope.  Your mind is clear and your skill in freeing yourself from others' influences and designing your own life increases.      

~Love and Light - Jill Marcy

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