Holistic coaching is for people who feel there is more they can achieve or perhaps something is missing. We all experience flat spots in life from time to time and sometimes need help clearing our minds or getting out of these!

With over 15 years of experience since completing her first Life Coaching course, Jill will be able to help you complete personal stock-take on your current situation and help to focus on building what your perfect day and best life looks like.

Holistic Coaching looks at the big picture future you want and brings it forward, into the now. As a holistic coach, Jill Marcy will help you to focus your conscious and subconscious thought patterns on implementing small changes at a pace that is comfortable to you. Ultimately achieving the things that matter most to you. 

With a growth mindset and application of metaphysics principles, in time you will find yourself succeeding with the achievement of big goals and a healthy new lifestyle.