Enjoying the Nature

When in a session with Jill, it's not just therapy, it's not just conversating, it's not just resolving problems or learning to cope, which half of the (traditional) therapists (at least that I've experienced) have never even accomplished to teach me. But the thing with Jill is that she's not just teaching, you're learning. She's not just talking, you're hearing. She's not just helping, you're healing.


Opening up to someone, especially someone you're meeting for the first time, is terrifying. However, Jill carries the most trusting, good-natured energy and whether you believe in "energies" or not, you will feel that immediately. It is as easy to spill out every detail about myself and my life to her as it is to smile at school or work acquaintances. I am someone who has stooped so low to where I was accepting my depression and letting it define me. I had decided to let my body and my mind be downed out by things and the thoughts I battle with day to day.


When I spoke to Jill, she helped me realize that my soul refuses to drown, that my energy and my spirit is alive, that I have purpose, and that my life doesn't define me, but rather makes me who I am and strengthens me. Jill is passionate about healing, she strives to make people be the best version of themselves.


She has opened my eyes and allowed me to see that my energy is to be set free and shown off to the world in a humble manner. When getting out of the session with Jill, I felt the lightest I have ever felt and the most confident I have ever been. Everyone deserves to radiate the way I do now, and whether it takes one or multiple sessions, Jill will get there. As long as you are opened and honest, you and her will find the true version of you that's always been there; and you will stay truth to that you. 

- LK

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